Jan 27, 2021


Frankie, Jared, and Jared discuss what they liked about 2020 while conspicuously ignoring what obviously sucked about it.  Enjoy! 



Dec 18, 2020

Mutant or Minority Episode_9

Jared, Frankie, and Jared discuss recent events and news, including; Marvels' Indigenous Voices, Disneys' Star Wars announcements, and Elliot Page.

Nov 24, 2020


Jenessa, Sonia, and Kerby discuss the "Election" anxiety, Lovecraft Country, and parenting.

Nov 14, 2020

Dispatches From The Outer Rim

A new biweekly series. 

MoM host get together to discuss episodes 1 & 2 of the second season of the Mandalorian.   

EGGS and Banthas!  What's for lunch?

Oct 31, 2020

The True Horror!

Jared, Frankie, and Jared discuss what horror movies scare them. 

Oct 3, 2020

“Project Power” A missed opportunity?

In this episode, we discuss the impact of Chadwick Boseman's passing.  We also ask if stories like "Project Power" are relying too much on their concept to entertain viewers and forgetting to simply write good stories. 

Aug 8, 2020

Color Blind Casting - I want it, but I can’t get over it.

Jared and Jared debate and discuss how many studios and publishers are reimagining the complexions of their characters for the 21st century.

Jul 23, 2020

Women of color deserve more nuanced stories!

Jenessa Flores, Nicole Green, and Sonia Salinas discuss the roles provided for women of color and too often the limited scope of their characters.

Jul 7, 2020

Extra-Judicial Violence in comics, sci-fi, and film. PT.1

We discuss the violent motives of some of sci-fi, comic books, and films' most popular characters.  How should we interpret the impact of the often, extra-judicial punishments?

Jun 25, 2020

X-Men, still a relevant metaphor for bigotry?

Frank Escamilla, Jared Sams, and Jared Birdsong discuss the recent Jonathon Hickman runs of X-Men, "House of X" and "Powers of 10(X)", and ask if the stories of the feared and hated mutants remain a relevant metaphor for racism and other forms of bigotry in the year 2020.  

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